Using nsupdate to make dynamic DNS changes

The command, nsupdate is used to perform dynamic DNS updates from the CLI.

Before the dynamic update:

[email protected]:~ $ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Running the dynamic update command:

[email protected]:~$ nsupdate
> server
> update add 86400 A
> send

If the dynamic updates fails, verify there are no ACL’s prohibiting dynamic updates:

May 11 08:14:20 named[31289]: client update '' denied

The allow-update line is used to control which IP addresses are allowed to send dynamic updates:

zone "" in { #
  type master;
  database infoblox_zdb;
  masterfile-format raw;
  file "azd/";
  allow-update { key DHCP_UPDATER_default;;; };
  notify yes;

Validate the change executed properly:

[email protected]:~$ host
dyntest.jason.example has address

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