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I am a 48-year-old, young widower, father of two, security leader, who is dedicated to living a meaningful life, working in some way to improve the Internet, and making the world a little bit better than I left it.

From the age of 10, I grew up in an online world, dialing into text-based BBSes, CompuServe, and AOL. It didn’t take long until my parents IBM PS2 and a dedicated phone line turned into a small-time WWIV BBS. I spent all my free-time learning about BBSes and what would soon become the public Internet.

Fast forward to 1993, a good friend of mine gave me a copy of Slackware Linux. Linux soon became the default operating system on all my personal computers. Over the years, I tried and used various distributions, from Debian, Gentoo, RedHat, Arch, Ubuntu, and more. This event is the turning point that started my journey to opensource evangelist and where I focused all of my training efforts on Linux and Internet-connected services.

In 1995 a small startup company, Concentric Research Information Systems (Now, XO Communications) focused on connecting BBSes and dialup Internet services, hired me in their customer support department. Within the first year, I rose to the ranks of Solaris systems administrator. I was part of a team in charge of dialup modems, radius, email, usenet, FTP, the BBS, Unix shell, and every other backend system and service we offered. We grew this company from dozens of people in the early years to over 5000 in the mid-2000s, branching out from dialup to broadband, analog to VoIP, BBSes to web hosting, ultimately building one of the few Tier-1 ISPs in the world. I am still humbled to have been a part of this chapter of early Internet pioneers.

I currently spend my professional days, working for Washington University in St. Louis as the Assistant Director and Architect of Digital Forensics and Incident Response. I lead a team of talented Security Analysts to defend the university from cyber security villains at one of the premier private universities in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to support some of the most distinguished faculty, researchers, and doctors in the world.

My off-hours are spent with my family enjoying life, raising my kids to be kind, compassionate and well educated, traveling as much as we can, volunteering for the Boy Scouts as an assistant scoutmaster, backpacking and running local Missouri trails, and helping out at my kids’ school managing their IT infrastructure.

What I believe in:

About the writings:

After working professionally in the technology field since 1995, this is my way of sharing the wisdom others have taught me. In addition, it serves as a central repository to document projects, tools, and topics I am interested in.

I model writings on this site after the “Today I Learned” concept, which are simple and to-the-point posts.  Some days, it will be a quick command and its output, other days a more in-depth analysis on a particular topic.

Website Technology:

Hugo is the foundation of this website. Throughout the past 20+ years, this site has evolved through many different frameworks, from static HTML to dynamic CMS systems. It has been a lengthy endeavor to find a balance between elegant themes, ease of use, flexibility, and security.

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