Jokers Crossing

Jokers Crossing - ADAM

In 1995 Matt Hill and Jason Murray recorded their first album.

The bass and drum tracks were layed down in Jason's barn on a Tascam 4 track. Vocal, guitars, and some percussion was layed down at Whitehead Studios.

The quality of the bass and drum tracks from the analog 4 track brought down the whole tape. In 2005 Jason remastered the entire album. Using Ubuntu Linux, Audacity, a portable walkman, and a $5 cable from Radio Shack. The analog tape was converted to digital and the audio quality was cleaned up a bit. However, the audio is low and washed out. There is little to no high-end and the bass and lows tend to clip. I am no sound engineer, it is the best I can do with little experience. At least the tape hiss is gone!

Update 10/27/2005: As I use the software more and more (just to play around) I have realized I can use normalization and/or compression to kill off the clips. I am also playing around with equalization to see if I can bring down the bass a bit and bring up the highs. The equalization is not going that well, it introduces a weird buzz. I also realized, after the fact that the mic input on my laptop is not stereo, so it record dual channel mono. There is nothing I can do to fix this, my laptop does not have a line-in jack. Anyways, when I get a chance I will rebuild and re-upload new even more cleaned up versions.

All songs are Copyright 1995 by Matthew Hill, Jason Fortier, and Jason Murray.

  • Narrator: Larry Thomas
  • Guitars, Vocals, Percussion: Matthew Hill
  • Bass, Percussion: Jason Murray

The Songs (all in MP3 format)

  1. Ashes and Extension Cords
  2. Before
  3. Cries When He's Alone
  4. Someone Stole My Car
  5. Liquified
  6. Silverbird Flight
  7. I Want
  8. Worryful Things
  9. I Don't Care
  10. Take Some Time
  11. The End of the World

If anyone knows where the following people are, I have lost touch with everyone, please let me know.

  • Matt Hill
  • Ben Miller
  • Jason Fortier