A few MacBook features that don't get enough credit

Time Machine

A backup system must be simple, reliable, and hands off. A system that requires to much care-and-feeding, will be forgotten about until it is too late. Time Machine is a set-it-once-and-never-touch-it-again-until-you-need-it. Attach a large enough external USB drive, answer a few questions, and Apple will take care of the rest. Leave the drive plugged in and the system will take hourly backups.

time machine

My backup drives sit behind the laptop. Out of sight out of mind. It just works.

time machine drive

Large Trackpad

The holy grail of a quality laptop is a good trackpad with excellent palm detection. There is only one player in this space. It surprises me in 2020, trackpad technology is still as awful as it is. Am I the only one who rests their palms on the trackpad while typing?

large trackpad

Internet Recovery

Power on, then hold down Option + Command + R until the globe appears. That is all it takes to reinstall the operating system on a MacBook. While I don’t use this feature often, when I do it is wonderful. No need to find a boot image or create a bootable usb drive. A few button presses is all it takes.

internet recovery


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