My wifes breast cancer has returned...

Here is the message she sent to family and friends…

A few months ago a friend wisely said, “Cancer does not stop for a pandemic.” It sure doesn’t. It also does not stop for protests, political debates, presidential elections, or just because I want it to go away.

I am so sad to share that my breast cancer has returned and spread. It is stage 4 and it will end my life much sooner than we hoped. I am having palliative chemo treatments to attempt to slow the progression, but most likely I will have maybe a year or two (maybe less, maybe more) to enjoy my life as best I can. It is completely in God’s hands.

I will be in treatment for the rest of my life until the treatments stop working, or I say no more of this nonsense. The type of cancer I have, triple negative breast cancer, is the most aggressive, least studied, least funded, and has the least amount of therapeutic options available. That being said, there are some treatment options for me, and it will just depend on whether they will work or not and for how long.

We have known since Memorial Day weekend so my family and I have had time to process. Jason and the kids are doing just fine, all things considered. I am doing what I have to do and we are living our lives. Today’s good day will soon be a memory which my future self will look back on and wish I could have again, so today I will live!

This has not been easy to accept, but I have accepted it as my story and I am as content as one can be in my situation. I believe God has this handled, and even though it is not what I want, he has a bigger plan for me and my family. It still just really sucks.

I have retired from teaching which is a blessing in disguise because covid, cancer, and classrooms do not really mix. It would have been physically and mentally exhausting. I am otherwise feeling good but my hair is gone again!

If you are so inclined to leave me a comment of support - thank you! I appreciate your prayers and kind words more than you can ever know, but I would love to ask something more of you too.

Cancer, and living with cancer, takes away so much, but it does not take away love, laughter, gratitude or joy. It simply does not.

Instead of focusing on me and my circumstances, which are tedious, boring, and sad, I would love to hear about something you are grateful for or something that brings you joy. When I read your comments I can say a prayer of thanksgiving and hopefulness for you and your life. To me, that is so much more interesting than anything we can say about cancer.

I am grateful for today, for waking up, for feeling good, for my kids’ smiles, and for God.

Much love, Jami


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2020-08-31 15:47 -0500