My COVID19 work-from-home-office

Today marks 80 days of working from home because of COVID19. The picture below is a view of my evolving home office setup:

covid19 wfh

Starting at the foundation, the desk is a sturdy folding table. It is a little too high, but the adjustable chair and foot rest help to compensate.

The keyboard on the 2019 laptop stopped working. This is a known issue, but I can’t afford to be without a laptop for days or weeks. An external keyboard is working as a good substitute for now. Yes, there is a spare laptop on the desk, but this would require more work to rebuild right now.

The iPad running duet and a standard HDMI monitor are acting as my two external displays.

Attending online meetings allows me to stand up and move around while still listening. There are a few exercise bands lying around for a bit of resistance work.

We have two dogs and two cats in our home, I created a cat perch with a folding table, old box, and fuzzy blanket so they can hang out in the window with me. It is nice to have a pet sitting by your side.

Before the WFH order, I printed out large network topology diagrams which are scattered throughout the room. This is helpful when supporting such an extensive network like the one at WashU.

There is a negligible difference in working from home or working from the office. Eliminating my commute has been the most pleasurable part. It allows me to get up at a reasonable time, go for a walk, take my time eating breakfast, and arrive at work well rested and ready to go for the day.