Easy french press coffee


If you found this page because you are in search of a no frills french press coffee recipe, keep reading.

First, don’t overthink. Making coffee does not have to be complicated. Follow these directions. The coffee will be great.

There are hundreds of articles on how to make the “best” french press coffee. I have tried quite a few. Remember, taste is subjective, the best coffee is the one you enjoy drinking. “Experts” will recommend specific pots or stirring materials, most of this is unnecessary. Buy an average french press and use standard kitchen gear for everything else.

I choose to use a french press because it is easy, compact, and does not take up counter space when not in use. If you like a good cold brew, your in luck, it will make both.



Start by boiling water. No fancy kettle needed, a pot will do:


While the water is boiling, dump 1/2 cup of coffee in a 34oz french press:


The water is ready when the temperature is around 195F. There are 2 ways to do this.

  • When the water is at a rolling boil, take it off the burner, and wait about 1 minute.
  • Right before the water hits a rolling boil, take it off the burner.

Either way, it will be close enough:


Pour in 1/2 the water, stir, then finish pouring in the remaining water:


Use whatever utensil is laying on the counter to stir:


Wait 5 minutes:


When the time is up, slowly press the plunger: