Twelve-year-old geocache

Geocaching has been around since 2000 when selective availability was disabled from public GPS signals. I have been playing on and off since January 05, 2001. Most of the geocaches I placed over the years have been stolen, vandalized, flooded out, or fell apart.

This past week my last remaining cache was flagged as missing, well the container was at least. The last entry is a picture of 2 ziplock baggies left on the ground. This cache was placed 12 years ago in 2008. Over 700 people have logged an entry, I could not let it die.

The boy and I, picked out one of the replacement ammo cans from the basement, and set off to the store to purchase a new log book and some trinkets. It’s geocache maintenance time!

When we arrived at the site, there was indeed 2 ziplock baggies on the ground, but 5’ away was the actual container. The plastic lock-and-lock was still in pretty good shape for being 12 years old in the miserable Missouri climate:


We debated on leaving it out there, but already had a new metal ammo can ready to go with fresh supplies in it. After a few minutes, the cache had a new home.

We spent a few minutes cleaning up around the site and packed the garbage out:


If your looking for a fun way to get the family out in the woods, consider geocaching.