GNS3 web interface


For those people using the GNS3 VM, you may not need to download the GNS3 desktop client anymore. The GNS3 VM comes with a web interface enabled by default.

Accessing the web interface

Main topology menu:

main interface

Viewing a project:

main interface

Accessing the router through the integrated web console:

main interface

Remote access over an SSH tunnel

My GNS3 server is physically located in my home lab. As someone who likes to test new ideas while on the road, I can start a SSH tunnel to access the lab from any remote location. In fact, I am writing this post and working in the lab from a hotel room.

GNS3 over an SSH tunnel:

ssh -L 3080:

Open a web browser and connect to:


I prefer to use a terminal session as the console. The existing SSH tunnel can dual purpose as a way to access the console:

jemurray@home-server:~$ telnet 5039
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.



root> show ?
Possible completions:
  access-cac           Show access cac under enhanced-broadband-edge
  access-security      Show access security information
  accounting           Show accounting profiles and records
  agent                Show SDN agent information
  amt                  Show AMT Protocol information
  ancp                 Show ancp information
  aps                  Show Automatic Protection Switching information
  arp                  Show system Address Resolution Protocol table entries
  as-path              Show table of known autonomous system paths
  authentication-whitelist  Show 802.1X White List MAC addresses


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