Accessing the HP DL370 G6 hardware RAID menu on boot


To access the hidden RAID menu on the HP DL 370 G6, keep pressing the F8 key during the boot process:


Dear server manufactures,

Please make it easier to find boot menu key sequences. For those of us who access these menus on rare occasions, fumbling around a clumsy interface is something we rather avoid. Often these menus are required during an emergency event, hardware maintenance, or in my case to determine if my systems was about to deteriorate beyond repair after a disk replacement.

I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Keep the menus simple. No graphics, just text. Text works on all displays and consoles.
  • Don’t scroll too quickly, humans can only read so fast.
  • Don’t use the function keys, not every keyboard has function keys anymore.
  • Place all menu options at the beginning of the boot sequence.
  • When I Google for ‘hp dl370 g6 raid menu’, the first site should be a support page with ALL the boot sequence keys. Although this whole situation could be avoid if the menus were more intuitive.

Thank you,