Software on my iDevices (iPhone and iPad)

Examining the software on nerdy people’s devices is like having a window into their soul. How do they operate, what are they interested in, what makes them tick? Look no farther than the apps on their phones.

For those interested in knowing a little more about me, here is a list of the apps I have used within the past month on my iDevices.

  • Authentication:
    • Duo: All personal systems are Duo 2FA integrated.
    • LastPass: All accounts have unique passwords.
    • Authenticator: I enable 2FA on every service that offers it.
  • Books:
  • Files Management:
    • Files (iCloud): iCloud is the ~/Documents directory across all devices.
    • Google Drive: Used primarily for real-time document collaboration.
    • Box: Work files.
  • Home Automation:
  • Kids:
    • PowerSchool: Online report cards.
    • PhotoMath: Solve math problems by taking a photo - Need I say more?
  • Mapping:
    • Waze: Avoiding traffic and slowing down for speed traps.
    • Google Maps: Finding stores.
    • Gaia GPS: Backpacking and hiking maps with real-time tracking.
    • Transit: Public transit schedule.
    • Connect: Logging and displaying data from my Garmin watch.
    • Cachly: GeoCaching, because adults still enjoy finding toys in the woods.
  • Messaging:
    • Gmail: Personal email.
    • Outlook: Work email.
    • Messages: Text messages
    • Slack: Personal and work communication.
    • Teams: Work communication and meetings.
    • Hangouts: Personal communication.
    • GroupMe: Family and external group collaboration.
    • Signal: Communicate privately.
  • Misc:
    • AccuWeather: Fine weather app.
    • AdGuard: Browsing the web ad free on mobile devices.
    • Gboard: Swipe keyboard.
    • Tile: Find lost stuff.
    • Translate: Language translation for written, spoken, and images.
  • News:
    • Reddit: News, current events, and entertainment.
    • Miniflux (shortcut to website): RSS feeds aggregate here. From personal blogs, news sites, to vendor information.
    • Reeder: Alternative reader attached to Miniflux RRS feed aggregator.
    • Podcasts
    • HackerNews (shortcut to website): If I could only read one technology news site, this would be it.
    • STLPublicRadio: St. Louis public radio is my local news source.
  • Note Taking / Documentation:
    • Evernote: Personal notes, journals, bookmarks, receipts, todo, etc.
    • Confluence: Of all the wiki-like collaboration software I have used, this is my least favorite, but work uses it so I have no choice.
    • One Note: Work meeting notes.
    • Voice Memos: Sometimes there is no substitute for recorded voice.
  • Photo Management
    • Camera: Stock camera.
    • Google Photos: All photos backup here.
    • Photos: All photos go into iCloud
    • PhotoScan: Excellent photo scanner.
  • Productivity:
    • Note: these apps are an exception to the past month rule. I keep them all so I can open any file sent to me.
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Pages
    • Numbers
    • Keynote
  • Programming / Text Editing / Remote Management:
    • Blink: Combines Mosh, SSH, and CLI tools all in a single app.
    • Textastic: Text editor for coding and markdown that integrates well with iDrive.
  • Shopping:
  • Social:
    • Twitter: Mostly to keep up on #WUSTL and my kids’ school events.
    • LinkedIn: Business contacts.
  • Task Management:
    • Google Calendar: Personal and family life management.
    • Outlook: Work life management.
    • Planner: Work projects and tasks management.
  • Video / Music:
    • YouTube Premium: Ad free music and videos.
    • Netflix: The original video streaming service.
    • HBO Go: Free with my ATT cell plan.
    • Prime Video: Included with Prime.
    • YouTube TV: Primary TV service. Works on every device from phones to a $35 Roku, with unlimited DVR for half the cost of satellite or cable.
    • YouTube Music: Streaming music for the entire family.
  • Web:
  • Work / Consulting:
    • AnyConnect: Work VPN.
    • Zoom: Remote meetings.
    • Meraki: My kids school uses Meraki network equipment which I maintain.
    • HE Network Tools: ping, traceroute, iperf3, whois, subnet calc.
    • PayPal Here: I take credit cards.
    • Venmo: I pay people.
    • Duet: Dual displays when I am on the go.

Front page of the iPhone:

iphone frontpage

tmux over mosh with the blink SSH client:


Reeder is connected to the RSS feeds from Miniflux:


Web shortcut on the main page links to HackerNews: