Restarting the IS-IS process on Cisco NX-OS

One of our Cisco Nexus 7K’s ran into a problem where LDP would not establish neighbors and IS-IS was not advertising routes:

nx7k-MPLS# show mpls ldp neighbor
nx7k-MPLS# show isis database level-2 ip prefix   ! This is the lo0 interface IP address
IS-IS Process: isis-config LSP database VRF: default
IS-IS Level-2 Link State Database
  LSPID                 Seq Number   Checksum  Lifetime   A/P/O/T


The router hit a bug, but restarting IS-IS resolved the issue:

nx7k-MPLS# restart isis isis-config

The restart resolved the issue:

nx7k-MPLS# show mpls ldp neighbor
    Peer LDP Ident:; Local LDP Ident
        TCP connection: -
        State: Oper; Msgs sent/rcvd: 39/114; Downstream
        Up time: 00:00:21
        LDP discovery sources:
          Ethernet7/19, Src IP addr:
        Addresses bound to peer LDP Ident: