Running packet-tracer on a Cisco FirePower firewall

Login into FXOS and connect to module 1 console:

jemurray@mbp-2019:~ $
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Cisco Fire Linux OS v6.2.3 (build 13)
Cisco Firepower 9000 Series SM-36 Threat Defense v6.2.3.12 (build 80)
Cisco Firepower Extensible Operating System (FX-OS) Software.
 TAC support:
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        Cisco Security Services Platform
          Type ? for list of commands
fw-0-A#> connect module 1 console

Connect to the FTD:

Firepower-module1>connect ftd
Connecting to ftd() console... enter exit to return to bootCLI

Connect to the diagnostic-cli:

> system support diagnostic-cli
Attaching to Diagnostic CLI ... Press 'Ctrl+a then d' to detach.
Type help or '?' for a list of available commands.

Enter enable mode:

firepower> en
firepower> enable

Run the packet-tracer command:

packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 65000 0050.5687.f3bd 22

Final output:

...lots of details...

input-interface: INPUT
input-status: up
input-line-status: up
output-interface: OUTPUT
output-status: up
output-line-status: up
Action: allow

The FMC has a packet-tracer GUI. However, if the interface names are too long there is no way to select the right one without a lot of guessing:

fmc interface