Santa's relationship with Jeff Bezos?

“Wait, I forgot something in the house! I’ll be right back.”, my mom would say as we sat in the car to leave for the late Christmas eve church service. I didn’t realize until I had children of my own, Santa sometimes drops off presents early. He would leave a note for the parents explaining how to properly place presents under the tree and thank us for the help. In the 17 years since our children were born, Santa only graced our presence once during an exceptionally busy time in the St. Louis area.

The first time I met Santa during an early present drop off, a flood of memories rushed through my head. I mulled over the times sitting in the car waiting for my mom to return so we could leave for church. The excuses she would use when I offered to help. Could it be? Did Santa drop off presents early in my hometown of Hemlock more often? It would make sense. It is quite a rural area. The houses are so far apart; I suspect it would take more time with all the starts and stops.

Then I realized. Is it possible Santa worked with Jeff Bezos on the concept for Amazon fulfillment centers? The similarities are strikingly similar. One man, who delivers packages all over the world, is always looking for ways to streamline operations. I bet Jeff reached out to Santa?

Jeff, if you are listening, could you let us know? Do you know the big guy? Did he help you out? Do you still work with him? Does he use your fulfillment centers? Is Amazon really owned by Santa and Jeff Bezos is his alter ego, just like Batman?


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2020-12-24 14:15 -0600