tmux basics


tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It lets you switch between several programs in one terminal session, detach them (while everything is still running in the background) and reattach them to a different terminal. If you use the console command line, especially from remote, this is a must have tool.

Start tmux, run a long command, detach and come back days later, it will still be there (this alone is enough reason to use tmux):

Basic Commands:

95% of tmux commands I use are as follows:

  • Start tmux: tmux
  • Start tmux with a name: tmux new -s myremotesession
  • Create a new windows: ctrl-b c
  • Switch to the next window: ctrl-b n
  • Switch to the previous window: ctrl-b p
  • Close current window: ctrl-d
  • Detach current session: ctrl-b d
  • List existing tmux sessions: tmux ls
  • Attach to an existing named session: tmux attach -t myremotesession
  • Attach to an existing unnamed session: tmux attach -t <number from tmux ls>
  • Scroll back: ctrl-b PAGEUP
  • Enter copy-paste mode: ctrl-b [
  • Select copy-paste text: ctrl-w
  • Paste text in copy-paste buffer: ctrl-b ]


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