Personalized athletic video recording with Trace

My daughter’s ECNL soccer team recently purchased the Trace player tracking and video recording system. Many of the players use this league as a springboard to play soccer in college. A big part of applying to colleges is building highlight videos to show off player skills. We could easily spend an entire day going through hours of video looking for enough clips to build a 5 minute highlight reel.

The Trace camera system eliminates all the manual labor involved in watching and clipping specific parts. Each player wears a lightweight GPS receiver. This device records every position, movement, and speed of the player. A 180 degree pole mounted camera replaces the traditional camera-parent. The camera automatically pans and zooms based on position of the ball on the field. After the game is over, video and GPS data is sent to the cloud for post processing. Tracer overlays player information on each video. Players receive an email with links to their individual highlight clips.

I love automation. The fusion of GPS data, image recognition, and cloud processing makes the players and parents lives a little easier.

Example video of my daughters corner kick:

allison corner kick