Using the WayBack Machine to reconstruct my old websites

The first website I created was hosted at:, last archived on Nov 11, 1999. Unfortunately, there is no saved copies of the content.

Shortly after, whois says I registered my first personal domain in April 2000:

   Domain Name: ZWECK.NET
   Updated Date: 2020-03-06T20:32:08Z
   Creation Date: 2000-04-09T20:29:01Z

The WayBack Machine archived many version of my websites starting on Aug 18, 2000. Unfortunately, it is not complete. I am hoping the pile of old hard drives in my basement and this USB to IDE and SATA adaptor will find the missing pages (and possibly that bitcoin wallet that still alludes me).

Bit and pieces of this history are scattered all over the place. In the next few weeks I will mine these disjointed archives and pull them into this site. It should be fun to see how my online life has evolved.