Install Zeek packages with zkg


Previously we installed Zeek (with Python3 support). Today we will extend Zeek with 3rd party community scripts and plugins . To facilitate searching for and installing packages, the Zeek community developed the Zeek package manager software.


Ubuntu 20.04 is the base operating system Zeek is installed on. There is no longer support for pip in Python 2. Python3 is required:

sudo apt install python3-pip

Install zkg in /usr/local/bin:

sudo pip3 install zkg

Start the basic config:

jemurray@zeek:~$ sudo zkg autoconfig
Successfully wrote config file to /root/.zkg/config

Install a package:

jemurray@zeek:~$ sudo zkg install geoip-conn
The following packages will be INSTALLED:
  zeek/brimsec/geoip-conn (master)

Proceed? [Y/n] y
Installing "zeek/brimsec/geoip-conn".....
Installed "zeek/brimsec/geoip-conn" (master)
Loaded "zeek/brimsec/geoip-conn"

To automatically load all installed packages, add the following line to the end of /usr/local/zeek//share/zeek/site/local.zeek:

@load packages

To active a new package it must be deployed with zeek-ctl:

[ZeekControl] > deploy
checking configurations ...
installing ...
removing old policies in /usr/local/zeek/spool/installed-scripts-do-not-touch/site ...
removing old policies in /usr/local/zeek/spool/installed-scripts-do-not-touch/auto ...
creating policy directories ...
installing site policies ...
generating standalone-layout.zeek ...
generating local-networks.zeek ...
generating zeekctl-config.zeek ...
generating ...
stopping ...
stopping zeek ...
starting ...
starting zeek ...

The package we installed extends the basic conn.log to include geo-location information for each IP address:

jemurray@zeek:/usr/local/zeek/logs/current$ cat conn.log | zeek-cut -d ts uid id.orig_h id.resp_h id.resp_p service geo.resp.country_code | zeek-column | grep -v US | grep -v "\-$"| head -10
2020-10-15T17:14:10+0000  CKcbeT3K8oOXBvxvpc                                                443    -     GB
2020-10-15T17:14:14+0000  CTheo33NgZrLQO9xf5                                               443    -     IE
2020-10-15T17:14:15+0000  Cg4D8l4CtQPATvb0pi  2600:1700:1391:411f:506d:fd48:cdb0:ae06  2a00:86c0:2040::1                        443    -     GB
2020-10-15T17:14:22+0000  C9hnQk1YG4AMaKRw1f  2600:1700:1391:411f:48c6:d6a1:5d99:6a40  2a03:2880:f018:0:face:b00c:0:2           443    ssl   IE
2020-10-15T17:14:22+0000  Cwdg144eSlulV8Apj                                                 443    -     IE
2020-10-15T17:14:23+0000  CRust81CCiXsRPFEwa  2600:1700:1391:411f:48c6:d6a1:5d99:6a40  2a03:2880:f018:0:face:b00c:0:2           443    ssl   IE
2020-10-15T17:14:22+0000  CQVNbe1hgMYNqsGLJg                                                 443    ssl   IE
2020-10-15T17:14:53+0000  CZuLWt49fjzU5fmRBi                                                443    -     IE
2020-10-15T17:14:10+0000  CAsFEEdkswNa8JnQ4                                                443    ssl   IE
2020-10-15T17:14:45+0000  C4bTzw5YVal8sMqmb   2600:1700:1391:411f:506d:fd48:cdb0:ae06  2a00:86c0:2040::1                        443    ssl   GB


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