A New Chapter in My Career: Network Architect to Assistant Director

Starting on December 8, 2021 I am transitioning from Network Architect to Assistant Director of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Washington University in St. Louis.

I’ve been a part of the Network Engineering team for the past 16 years. First as the Sr. Unix Systems Engineer, where I managed hundreds of Unix (Solaris and Linux) hosts. Then Sr. Network and Systems Engineer, designing and managing thousands of networking devices. And finally Network Architect, leading strategic planning.

Throughout the years, I’ve played a role in designing and managing the wireless, network, security, and server infrastructure. From the access layer to the Internet edge and everywhere in between, nearly every project in the Network Engineering team passed through my desk in some form.

It will be sad to leave the department I’ve called home for so long, but I am looking forward to leading and growing the Information Security Office.