Make a clickable image link in vscode with the Paste Image extension


The vscode extension, Paste Image takes an image from the clipboard, inserts a markdown or asciidoc link within the document, then copies the image into the appropriate directory. The default Paste Image settings do not create a clickable link to view the original image. This may be a problem if the display source resizes the content, making it difficult to read.


I use Paste Image to insert images into the markdown used to create this website. The following .vscode/settings.json lines are the stock plugin settings:

    "pasteImage.insertPattern": "${imageSyntaxPrefix}/${imageFileName}${imageSyntaxSuffix}",
    "pasteImage.path": "${projectRoot}"

Modify or create the following options pasteImage.insertPattern and pasteImage.path in the vscode configuration file .vscode/settings.json. In this example, I will enable clickable images for use in the Hugo static website generation framework by wrapping a clickable link []() around an image tag ![]() and setting the proper path location:

    "pasteImage.insertPattern": "[![Image of ](/images/${imageFileName})](/images/${imageFileName})",
    "pasteImage.path": "${projectRoot}/static/images/"

Taking a quick screen shot, and pressing <option> + <command> + v inserts this code:

[![Image of a test clickable image in Hugo](/images/2021-02-13-18-14-59.png)](/images/2021-02-13-18-14-59.png)

Which creates the image below. Try clicking it:

Image of a test clickable image in Hugo