Common docker commands


As a network architect, more and more software I use on a regular basis or within my lab environment is deployed via docker. Since I don’t use docker on a daily basis, remembering the basic commands quickly falls out of my memory after after a few weeks or months pass.

This is my place to store and reference commonly used docker commands.

The Commands

Display Container / Image Information

List docker images:

sudo docker images

List previously run images:

sudo docker ps --all

Display ID of last container run:

sudo docker ps -lq

Run Containers

Run container detached and export container port 21 to host port 21:

# -p HostPort:ContainerPort
sudo docker run -d -p 21:21 opencanary opencanaryd '--start'

Run an interactive /bin/bash shell within a container:

sudo docker run -it opencanary /bin/bash

Run docker container with custom (override) ENTRYPOINT:

sudo docker run -it --entrypoint '/bin/bash' opencanary

Modify Containers / Images

Display docker image configuration:

sudo docker image inspect 4f13dff52540

Change ENTRYPOINT of docker image and commit changes:

# Manually entering ID
sudo docker commit --change='ENTRYPOINT ["opencanaryd", "--start"]' e805705a3827 opencanary:latest

# Using ID of last run container
sudo docker commit --change='ENTRYPOINT ["opencanaryd", "--start"]' $(sudo docker ps -lq) opencanary:latest

Export Containers

Export a container to tar file:

sudo docker save opencanary > opencanary.tar


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