Creating an iOS shortcut to add RSS news feeds to Miniflux


Miniflux is a minimalist RSS feed reader. It does not have an iOS application to facilitate adding new feeds through the share button. To compensate, I created an iOS shortcut which uses the Miniflux API to discover the RSS URL and add it to the feeds list.

Installation Instructions

Select Get Shortcut:

Image of add to miniflux

Select Add Untrusted Shortcut:

Image of add untrusted

Fill in the API Key and Category ID:

Image of asking question

Adding a Feed Example

After installation, attempt to add an RSS feed to Miniflux.

From Safari click Share -> Add to Miniflux:

Image of

Notification from discovery:

Image of

Notification after adding feed:

Image of

Creation Details

Details for creating the Add to Miniflux shortcut:

Image of Shortcut menu

The shortcuts accepts a URL as input from the share button and stores the value in the SHAREURL variable:

Image of get URL from share

To facilitate sharing this URL without hardcoding my API keys, we set two additional variables.

The Miniflux API key is stored in APIKEY and the default category is stored in CATEGORYID. When a user imports a shortcut for the first time, import questions prompt for the API key and default category:

Image of setting variables

When a URL is posted to the API endpoint, Miniflux will attempt to discover the RSS feed URL. The url is returned in a json structure. The scripting module parses and sets a dictionary value variable with the contents of the URL:

Image of discover RSS feed

Notifications display the discovery results:

Image of rss discovery notification

After discovery, the URL it is posted to the API endpoint Miniflux will attempt to add the feed in the default category:

Image of add feed

Notifications display the feed add results:

Image of feed add notification