One Year Later: Dec 03, 2023

I was out with my friend Katie all day and night last night. I didn’t get a chance to post my 12/2/2023 “What was happening a year ago today”. When I looked at my journal this morning here is what I wrote from 12/2/2022:

“Sorry I didn’t write anything today… I am filling in on the 3rd.

I read a LOT of messages from Jami’s family and friends. Wow, that is hard. I loved it. Hearing all the way Jami impacted the lives of so many people is inspiring. I asked family, friends, or anyone listening/reading to send me personal messages. I didn’t want to hear anymore “thinking of you” type messages. Tell me something with meaning. Tell me a story. I know you’re thinking about us.”

What coincidence of me not writing anything both of these days…

While I don’t have anything in my journal. I remember asking everyone to send me personal stories so that I could read them to Jami. I’ve been reading them to her.

You all need to understand, this was one of the greatest joys I participated in during this final week. So many of Jami’s family and friends sent me a story on how she touched or impacted their lives. I knew she was a great person, but you don’t always truly realize the impact and loss someone has on this world until they are gone. Reading the stories out loud to Jami as she laid in her bed was hard (really hard), but I did it. I read every single email, text messages, card, and letter to her. Every one! Reading and crying. Crying and reading. Just crying. Then reading. But, I got through it and it was worth every tear.

Every story touched my life in ways that will impact me forever.

They have helped shaped who Jason 2.0 has become.