Married for 22 years

Happy Anniversary to US!

Twenty-two years ago today, I married this gal:


When were you married?

  • 1998

How did you meet?

  • Blind date setup setup by a mutual friend.

Where was your first date?

  • We went to see Dusk to Dawn. Yes, this was an awkward first date movie.

Funny moment from your first date?

  • Jami thought I was a drug dealer because I carried a cell phone and pager. Remember this in the late 1990’s, cell phones and pagers were not common. I guess she liked bad boys.

How did you propose?

  • In her parents basement. One night while we were hanging out together, I lit a candle, knelt down and asked her to marry me.

Memorable early moment in your lives?

  • On Friday I graduated from college, Saturday we were married, Sunday - Friday we went on our honeymoon in Mexico, Sunday we moved to Chicago in the worst snow storm in 20 years, Monday I started working in Chicago and Jami start college at UIC. In a span of one week, we endured three of the life changing events: graduating, marriage, and moving.

Where was your first house / apartment?

First big purchase as a married couple?

  • Weber gas grill. We still have it 22 years later.