Template for taking notes during a meeting

Here is the default meeting note template I use in OneNote and EverNote. It has evolved over several years, but this version has stuck for a significant time. It allows for searches based on attendees, topics, dates, agenda, etc.


  • Typically filled in by the note-taking system (OneNote, EverNote, etc)

Scheduler / Requester:

  • The person who requested or schedule the meeting


  • Full list of participants and any relevant information about them.
  • For example, title, department, vendor, etc.

Agenda / Goals:

  • Very specific set of topics to discuss
  • Very specific set of goals to be accomplished
  • This should also be part of the meeting invite.


  • Notes taken during the meeting.


  • Don’t interrupt speakers with questions, write them down here so they can be addressed at an appropriate time.
  • Put questions here before the meeting that should be discussed.


  • Document any decisions made in the meeting.
  • This can not be stressed enough, undocumented decisions didn’t happen.

Other People’s Deliverables:

  • Keep track of task assignments.
  • Dates can be assigned here.

Jason’s Deliverables:

  • This is where the note takers deliverables and dates go.
  • I typically move these to a system that is used to keep track of tasks.
  • If a system such as EveryNotes is used, these can be checkboxes which allow searching for “Uncompleted Tasks"