Take a break for your health

Now that we are working from home full time, I don’t get out of my chair nearly as often. This sedentary practice is taking a noticeable toll on my back, legs, and eyes.

My running watch has a move alert, but it is easy to ignore or completely miss when deeply concentrating on solving todays problem. I needed something that grabs my attention and forces me to take action. The macOS software, Time Out, fits my needs perfectly.

When it is time for a break the screen dims and displays:


Other configurable options include:

  • Break intervals.
  • Break durations.
  • Ability to skip breaks when specific applications are running (ie. Zoom meeting software).
  • Skip breaks after XX idle time.
  • Configurable shortcuts.

No more excuses. Stand up, touch your toes, reach for the sky, get up and move. Your body will thank you.


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2020-09-07 15:04 -0500