How to receive a free COVID-19 vaccination without an appointment in the St. Louis Missouri area


Missouri is offering COVID-19 vaccines to all individuals over the age of 16. To accommodate the influx of people, the city of St. Louis setup a mass vaccination center at the America’s Center Dome. While preregistering through the Missouri Vaccine Navigator or by calling 877-435-8411 is recommended, walk-ups are welcome from 8AM to 6PM 7 days a week.

My wife and daughter received their vaccines from this location on two separate occasions. While both visits went without any significant issues, finding specific information, a place to park, and the entrance may be confusing to some.

This is our attempt supply firsthand information and get our St. Louis and surrounding suburbanites the vaccine required to put an end COVID-19 and return us to normal.


The America’s Center Dome is vaccinating from 8AM to 6PM 7 days a week starting on April 7th and continuing for at least 8 weeks.


Anyone 16 years or older is eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine.


While the Missouri Vaccine Navigator website says registration is required, as of April 14, 2021 walk-ups are welcome. No preregistration is required, although it is recommended. In fact, neither of my family members pre-registered. The FEMA staff handled everything onsite.


Vaccine recipients receive free parking right outside the main entrance. The parking lot is on the corner of 6th and Cole St. Refer to the map below for specific location details:

Image of

There are plenty of helpful people to direct you to the closest parking spot:

Image of

Here is a street view of the parking entrance on 6th street. The “No Parking” signs lining the road made me think section was closed at first:

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Vaccine Entrance

The vaccine entrance is located right across the street. It is an easy walk, but shuttles are available if needed. There are signs and volunteers to help guide you:

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The entrance is staffed and labeled, you can’t miss it. Even if you do, someone will help you find the way:

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In the Building

Once inside the building you’re directed to either the pre-registered line where you go straight to the area where the shot is administrated or to the registration line where they ask a few simple questions first.

I didn’t realize until I snapped a picture of Allison, you’re not supposed to take pictures in the patient area (sorry):

Image of allison getting the shot


After the vaccine, all patients are observed for 15 to 30 minutes to confirm there is no adverse reaction:

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Help the CDC

Help the CDC track adverse reactions by registering with - Each patient will receive daily, weekly, and monthly text messages asking how you’re feeling.

Second Dose

For the first 6 weeks the America’s Center Dome is administering the Pfizer vaccine. A second dose, 21 days later, is required. Expect to see an email like this:

You may now schedule your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Since you received Pfizer for your first dose, you will need to schedule your next appointment 21 days after.

Follow the link and schedule the second appointment right away.

Get the Vaccine

There are too many people spreading misinformation. Please trust the science, COVID-19 vaccines are safe. The odds of serious side affects are virtually nonexistent. If you’re not an expert in the area of infectious diseases or vaccine research and development, please stop spreading misinformation.

We all want the world to return to normal. You can make this a reality.

Do your part, get vaccinated!