Removing Disqus to enhance my readers privacy

In my haste to add user comments to this website, I did not take into account the privacy of my readers. While I believe privacy on the Internet is mostly a thing of the past, I don’t want my site to be a contributing factor its further erosion.

I stumbled across this issue while debugging a display problem. Using the Safari developer tools, we see there are 24 external requests per page load when Disqus commenting is enabled:

Image of Safari debug tools showing 24 external pages load while viewing my my static website

Probably more concerning to my privacy conscious readers, Disqus uses a number of external third parties. Multiple requests are logged to Facebook and Google servers for each page load:

jemurray@jasons-mbp:~/Downloads $ cat  | jq -r .log.entries[].request.url | grep -v ''

To resolve these unnecessary privacy concerns, I removed the Disqus comment service from my site:

# disqusShortname = "jasonmurray-org"

There are now 4 requests per page load. They all stay local to my site:

Image of Safari dev tool showing only 4 requests page load