How's Jami Doing: Friends and Family Matter - Issue #3 - 12/2/2022

I have the privilege of reading the messages each of you sent to Jami. Yes, this is a privilege! It is hard. I pause a lot. I cry a lot. But I power through because I know she wants to hear them!

What Have I Learned:

  • Jami’s impact on you all is overwhelming!
  • She has touched many people in a variety of ways, but they all have a common theme, “Jami’s friendship made everyone a better person”.
  • I’ve heard from old friends, family, students, students who are now adults, teachers, long lost friends, relatives, and pretty much everyone Jami has touched over her life.

Your Homework

  • Continue to send messages to Jami. Email or text messages are fine.
  • After reading so many messages, I would like to make a suggestion if you don’t know what to say…
  • Tell us a story.
  • Tell us a memory you have together.
  • Share something that made you bond with Jami.
  • Long or short it does not matter, but make it from the heart.

Jami is not talking anymore, but I can “feel” it in her that she wants to hear your stories.