How's Jami Doing: Daily Update - Issue #3.5 - 12/2/2022

Today we gathered our family and spent time with Jami. We told stories, laughed, hugged, and cried.

I’ve asked you all to send me stories that I could read to Jami and you answered. I’ve been reading to her for hours. Some short, some long, some detailed, some to the point. All made me cry.

How’s Jami Doing

  • She is comfortable.
  • She is surrounded by family.
  • She is loved.
  • She is still declining.
  • She is not eating or drinking anymore.
  • She can be restless and agitated, but it is manageable.
  • She sleeps a lot.
  • She is not talking at all. Previous days she would say a few words, not anymore.
  • We are still at the hospice facility. I have no plans to move her at this time.
  • Family is by her side. We are telling stories, rubbing her back, helping her adjust, and being there for her.
  • Nothing major has changed today.

Parting Thought

One day this past year Jami and I were driving home while having a conversation about the commitment we put into raising our kids. At one point she said, “We Made a Family”. That quote stuck with me since.

To remember Jami and her dedication to our family and friends, I registered the domain name and created a photo album with pictures of her.

More Homework: This is where you come in.

The photo album (currently) allows anyone to upload. If you have a great photo of Jami you want to share, add it.

But there are rules:

  • The photo must include Jami (Yes, I know I didn’t follow this rule but it is my photo album)
  • Don’t upload duplicates, pick the best photo (Yes, I know I didn’t always follow this rule, but see rule #1)
  • I get the final say to what stays on the site. Don’t be offended if I delete something you uploaded.
  • Don’t upload something too embarrassing. I presume you won’t, but I guess you never know…

Websites: Share with the world.