How's Jami Doing: Daily Update - Issue #4 - 12/3/2022

Today was a weepy day for me. Telling stories with family and friends, reading your messages, and spending time thinking about all the great memories we made as a family. I love you Jami.

How’s Jami Doing

  • I don’t have much to report, nothing major has changed.
  • She is surrounded by family and friends.
  • The medical staff is increasing the medications to keep her comfortable.
  • The interval between restlessness is decreasing, which requires more frequent medication.
  • I will admit, I didn’t read as many text messages today. I wanted to focus more on my 1:1 conversations. I will catch up tonight and tomorrow.
  • However, I enrolled other family members to read the handwritten letters and cards.
  • I spoke with her a lot today. I miss her voice.

How’s Jami’s Family Doing

  • We bought a Christmas tree today.
  • Allison starting putting up the Christmas decorations.
  • Elliot won the championship match at his SLUH Racquetball Tournament:


  • THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped us out with food - The outpouring of help is AMAZING!
  • To all the people who completed the home work, THANK YOU!
  • As I continue to read your letters, I realize just how much she is LOVED!
  • I can’t believe all the people uploading photos, keep it up:

Closing Thought

  • Spend more time listening, act with kindness and empathy, help a friend in need - The world will be a better place. Just ask Jami.

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