How's Jami Doing: Daily Update - Issue #5 - 12/4/2022

Today’s update is coming out early because I don’t know how much more time we have left.

How’s Jami Doing

  • Jami continues to decline quickly.
  • We are probably in the hours to days time range.
  • She is not moving anymore.
  • Fluid is building up in her lungs, but it is manageable.
  • Early this morning her breathing was labored and heavy.
  • This afternoon her breathing less labored, but still heavy.
  • She is comfortable.
  • She is relaxed.
  • She is surrounded by family and friends both physically and in spirit.


  • The nurses at the Evelyn Hospice House are amazing.
  • The doctors at Evelyn Hospice House are amazing.
  • The staff at Evelyn Hospice House are amazing.
  • They help my family with everything we need.
  • They make us feel like we are their only patient.
  • THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Home Work

  • I continue to read your memories to her. Keep them coming.
  • Add photos if you have them.

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